Modern Rural Dwelling, Causeway Coast

Binevenagh House


A modern, new-age take on a rural family home. With grid-like structures, rectangular window shapes and a flat roof design, this build is revolutionary for the rural North Coast of Northern Ireland architecture scene.

Flat Roof Home Design

Causeway Coast Architecture


With this house in Articlave, we combined bespoke design with sustainable building to create a spectacular rural dwelling with a flat roof. This home conformed to planning standards yet also deliciously broke the ‘rules’ in terms of what was usually designed in the area.

As a result, it featured as an exemplar house for our business in the first edition of the Living Design magazine – a sister magazine to Perspective, the official journal of the Royal Society of Ulster Architects (RSUA).

As one of the first daringly modern rural dwellings on the North Coast, this house acted as a catalyst, encouraging other architects to push the boundaries and deliver more contemporary designs. It was a credit to local planners at the time, that this design was understood and accepted, and it remains one of our most successful.